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Layne LittlepageVoice Teacher, Vocal and Performance Coach

Layne Littlepage brings her experience as a classical singer and acclaimed international musical theatre performer to her voice studio in Carmel, California. As a voice teacher, she works with all styles of music and with singers at all levels. Her students include professionals, returning professionals, and beginning through intermediate singers of all ages. As a performance coach, Layne uses her theatrical training to help singers, actors, performers and speakers build confidence, overcome stage-fright, truthfully and artistically interpret music, words and lyrics, and present themselves in an unmistakably professional manner. Layne is a New York Singing Teachers Association Distinguished Voice Professional, having successfully completed the Oren L. Brown Professional Development Program of Vocal Anatomy, Voice Acoustics, Developmental Repertoire, Vocal Health, and Comparative Voice Pedagogy. She is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and the New York Singing Teachers' Association (NYSTA).

Training and Nurturing Young Voices

Layne is on the music faculty of the prestigious Santa Catalina School in Monterey, California, instructing young singers from the ages of 10 to 18. She specializes in training, developing and nurturing young voices. Her high school-age students have gone on to study at Yale University, the Tisch School of the Arts Musical Theatre Program, Manhattan School of Music, the University of St. Andrews, U.C.L.A. and Northwestern University. Her students have been winners and finalists in national vocal competitions, including the National Classical Singer Competition.

Message from Layne: Vocal Influences and Philosophy

Healthy vocalism is a necessity for all styles of singing. A good voice teacher makes the complex simple. As a young singer I was confused by what seemed such different vocal techniques offered by various teachers. Now, as a singing teacher myself, I have developed ways to convey vocal technique simply and understandably to singers of all ages.
In New York, I studied with many legendary voice teachers and vocal coaches, including Marion Freschl of the Julliard School, Martin Rich of the Metropolitan Opera, Judith Natalucci, Franco Iglesias, and Dan Marek, author of "Singing, The First Art." The foundation of my teaching is the healthy, classic vocalism of Bel Canto singing. For classical singers, I teach the Italian chiaroscuro (clear/dark) balance of sound. For contemporary commercial singers and performers I teach various vocal styles including legit Broadway and the contemporary belt sound used on Broadway and in Pop music today.  


"Layne is a wonderful teacher. She is patient, supportive, and provides excellent feedback and guidance on relaxation and other techniques to maximize voice quality and resonance as you sing. She starts with you where you are and works with you to maximize your potential."

-Gordon L. Jackson, Ph.D.

"Working with Layne Littlepage has made such a difference in my approach to singing. Her simple techniques have helped me relax on stage. Layne has shown me tools to help loosen my mouth, relax my face, relax my neck, relax my jaw. I kept thinking there was something more I needed to do to be a better singer, but Layne has taught me that relaxing is the key to allowing the song to breathe. My tone and resonance has been enhanced so much since my lessons with Layne that when I listen to my rehearsal tape, I can hardly believe that I'm listening to MY voice on the tape. What a fantastic teacher and vocal coach!"

-Kiki Wow, Music Host

I have studied voice with Layne for over two years, and she has helped me grow so much as a performer. She has worked with me on techniques for helping my voice resonance grow, breathing, and even dealing with onstage nerves. She has coached me through various honor choirs, school choirs, and solo performances at school. Her innate musicality combined with superb teaching skill and a sense of humor make her a wonderful mentor.

-Madeleine Crow, age 16

"If you're looking for an affordable, top-notch vocal coach to teach you how to sing effortlessly and correctly, then look no further than to Layne Littlepage!! Layne makes learning how to sing fun and easy to understand. Layne takes the complication out of the art of singing. She will work with the voice YOU have already, help you to pick songs within your range and to become proud of your own voice. When I first started with Layne, every time I sang was a struggle wherein I could feel the muscles in my throat tense up. I always felt exhausted after singing because I felt I had to push to get the sound out. Layne has taught me SO MANY techniques in learning how to NOT push but to let the sound out freely. I have worked with many vocal coaches and have not found anyone comparable to Layne! I highly recommend her for children because she works great with kids!! She also teaches my 14 year old.

-Cherri Wilson-Thornton

"My goal was to strengthen my high notes and Layne was able to help me achieve that goal. She gave me techniques for enriching my voice through breathing, diction AND interpretation of the music. She is extremely professional in her teaching methods.

-Connie Erickson, mezzo-soprano